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DDD Scotland 2011

Last weekend I headed to Glasgow to speak at DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Scotland.  My third DDD, my first as a speaker.

The speaking experience is a little different.  I presented during the last session of the day which meant that for the entire day I was “yet to speak”.  Which meant that I spent a good deal of the day sneaking off into quiet corners to run through the slides, or look at some source code.

I also gave a quick Grok Talk on Fitnesse, although I could have passed on that, I spoke last which meant I was still speaking as people flooded back into the room for the after lunch sessions.  A case of one Grok too many I think, but no harm.

I was pretty happy with how my session went. “How to Build a Framework, and why you almost never should” seemed to go down well, it drew a larger attendance than I had expected, considering the excellent sessions that were on at the same time.

The session feedback was very positive.  One or two people suggested slowing things down and spending more time looking at the sample framework. These are two things I was conscious of going in.  Despite cutting huge chunks of what I’d like to have covered, it was still a push to get everything into the 50 minutes or so available.

In retrospect it would have been better to talk less, demo more and give a good write-up to cover anything I couldn’t get to on the day.   Let’s see if I can put that into practice at DDD South West in Bristol next month.  It’s a completely different session, but one I’m looking forward to…”Pushing through the pain of TDD”.

In the meantime, watch this space for the slides, sample code and write-up of the Frameworks Session from DDD Scotland.

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