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How to build a framework and why you almost never should.

Sample Code

Above is a link to the Sample Project for the “How to Build a Framework” session that I presented at DDD Scotland. Below are the Slides. There’s a good deal of information from the session that isn’t in either the slides or the code so I’ll be doing a full write up as soon as time permits, which will probably be sometime after DDD South West in June.

As always please remember this code was written to demonstrate certain ideas, it isn’t production quality code, use it if you like, but don’t expect too much from it.

Incidentally some of the accompanying tests will be discussed in my Session on Test Driven Development at DDD South West.

And here’s the feedback I received from the attendees in Glasgow who were kind enough to fill in the feedback forms.

DDDScot "Frameworks" Feedback
DDDScot "Frameworks" Feedback

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