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Test Driven Development – Pushing Through The Pain

Sample Code
TDD Sample Code for DDD South West

Last weekend I presented a session on Test Driven Development at DDD South West in Bristol. I actually presented the session twice thanks to being voted onto the repeat track, and in total I had 120 brave souls who came along to see the session.

I’ve taken the past week to go back over the sample code that accompanies the session and tidy it up a bit, add some ‘discussion’ comments about various issues, and also factor in a few suggestions that I received on the day.

The code can be downloaded from the link at the top and bottom of this post. The slides can be viewed here:

Thanks to everyone who came along, that especially to everyone who left feedback, and virtually everyone did. This session started with a 90 minute running time, I cut it to 1 hour for DDD South West, but it still felt a little rushed. My hope is to cut it dramatically in time for DDD North (if I’m fortunate enough to be invited) and cover less ground, but in more detail and with more time for interaction and questions from the floor.

If you have any problems with the code, or if you’d like to point out some issues with it then leave a comment or find me on twitter (@richardadalton).

Thanks for stopping by.

Sample Code
TDD Sample Code for DDD South West

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