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Everything I know about creative writing, I learned from programmers.

  • Sentences should be terminated with a semi-colon;
  • At the start of every chapter, list all of the characters who will be appearing in that chapter;
  • All Characters should be killed off before the end of a chapter; Long living characters should be avoided as they tie multiple chapters together making it harder to swap out a chapter for a better one;
  • Deliver the most important stuff early; In a Murder Mystery the identity of the murderer is the most important piece of information to the reader; Deliver that in the first few pages; Defer less important details to later;
  • When you write a second draft, don’t delete anything; Leave old text there, perhaps with a strikethrough, in case you change your mind;
  • When scenes are repeated e.g. Someone having a drink; Don’t write it multiple times; Write it once and then for subsequent uses of that scene, refer the reader to the appropriate page;
  • If you can find a way to cram entire sentences into one or two words you should absolutely do that, it’s clever and will impress your readers; Using words from other languages can help with this;
  • Don’t create lots of fully fleshed out characters; Create a handful of basic characters and then describe other characters in terms of how they differ from these;

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