The Best Job I've Ever Had

October 23, 2014

Still the best job I’ve ever had and I’ve given up hoping there’ll ever be a better one. My first year at TIC was my first time in the US. Karen picked me up at the airport. On the drive to her house I mentioned Visual Basic, and there and then she decided. We would be teaching Visual Basic. That’s how things worked at TIC.

During my second year I suggested we split computing and multi-media. Each should have it’s own director. Done. No arguing, no meetings, no debate. If you suggested something and Karen couldn’t see a good reason not to, she trusted the people she hired. For the Summer of ’96, there were two directors, and I was one of them.

And the campers, the amazing campers. I still recall teaching the Pythagorean theorem to a junior camper. He needed to figure out if his wrestlers could hit each other.

The other staff, the lunch time chats, the nights out.

Getting on the Metro with Martin Stephen’s like we’d done dozens of times before, but managing to go the wrong way.

Ending up in the wrong part of town with no more trains to get us home, and managing to get home safe and sound anyway.

Being on what can just about be called a boat, in the middle of the Potomac, in the middle of the thunder storm.

Realising that if we sink, we’re taking most of the senior technical staff including two directors with us. Getting home safe and sound (if a little wet).

Swapping puzzles with Vasha Kristov. Being led astray by John Mueller. Eating Fried Chicken after dark in Rock Creek Park with Adam Holt. Being asked to leave by the Police. But getting home safe and sound.

Always getting home safe and sound.

If I could take one trip in a flying DeLorean, Washington DC in 1994 would be very tempting.

TIC still exists, and has gone from strength to strength.

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