The Best Job I've Ever Had

Still the best job I’ve ever had and I’ve given up hoping there’ll ever be a better one. My first year at TIC was my first time in the US. Karen picked me up at the airport. On the drive to her house I mentioned Visual Basic, and there and then she decided. We would be teaching Visual Basic. That’s how things worked at TIC. During my second year I suggested we split computing and multi-media.

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When Can You Start?

He sat in the large bay window observing the potential candidates as they approached the house. His mind was made up about each of them before they rang the bell. “I’m here about the gardener job” “Sorry, the position is filled.” “Already? OK, thanks, bye” Again and again all the same. No good. Then…aha! this one. “I’m here about the gardener job” “When can you start?” “You don’t want to ask me any questions?

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