Legacy Code Katas

I like Kata’s, I’ve get a lot out of them, but if I’m truly honest, they don’t really address one area of programming where I think I need practice, and that is in working with Legacy Code. In pondering this problem I came to the conclusion that I need a way of doing deliberate practice for legacy code work, and some variation of the Kata idea seems like it might work.

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You're Not Gonna Fix It

I’m not going to justify kludges, or apologise for kludges. I don’t need help figuring out how to avoid them. Kludges don’t usually come about because we don’t know how to avoid them. They usually exist because we make a judgement call. We decide that a kludge is not worth avoiding. Dress it up any way you like, but it comes down to a decision. This post starts from the premise that in all liklihood there will always be kludges.

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